Is the email “IMMEDIATE VERIFICATION required for [domain name]” legit?

Yes, this a legitimate request from your domain name provider and is, in fact, required as part of the WHOIS regulations introduced by Internet Corporation of Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN). 

For Agate Fire Creative customers the verification email will come from with the following subject: “IMMEDIATE VERIFICATION required for [domain name]“. The email will contain the link, Click here to verify your email address. you need to click on to verify your contact information. The email looks like this:

Email IMMEDIATE VERIFICATION required for domain - Yes it is legit

When is this email triggered?

This email is sent when a new domain is registered or if an edit is made to either of the following Registrant contact fields:

  • Registrant First Name
  • Registrant Last name
  • Registrant Email Address

What happens if I fail to complete the verification?

Newly registered domains must be verified within 14 days and existing domains must be verified within 7 days. Failing to complete the verification process within the required timeframe will result in the suspension of the registered domain(s) or those domains that were updated as a result of a registrant contact change.

Suspension means that the website and email service associated with the domain will stop working.  You will see a page with a notice about ICANN’s RAA and instructions to verify the contact.

For a domain that has been verified previously, if you don’t verify, the website/email will continue to work.  There won’t any negative impact.  The pending change to registrant information, however, won’t go through.  

How do I restart the verification?

If the previous verification timed out, the new contact info won’t be applied.  You can change the contact info again to restart the verification.  If needed please contact us to resend the verification email or restart the process.

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